Application-specific protocol architectures for wireless networks phd thesis

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A Comparative Study of Wireless Sensor Networks and Their Routing Protocols

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VCHR: Virtual Cluster-Based Hybrid Routing Protocol

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System Architecture for W ireless Sensor Networks by Jason Lester Hill B.S. (University of California, Berkeley) System Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks by Jason Lester Hill primitives that can be flexibility composed into application specific protocols.

Name of the Candidate Title of the thesis Year of Award; Rashmita Khilar: An Efficient Vehicle Detection and Tracking System for vehicle Retrieval from Traffic Videos. Applications in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) span over various areas like weather forecasting to measuring soil parameters in agriculture, and from battle_eld to health monitoring.

Constrained battery power of sensor nodes make the network design a challenging task. Amongst several research areas in WSN, designing energy e_cient protocols is a prominent area. Abstract. The growing popularity of wireless sensor networks increases the need for optimal and energy efficient routing protocols.

Among many hierarchical routing protocols, the one which is really worth noticing is the Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) protocol.

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Alumni Directory - PhD: Occasionally connected wireless sensor networks for search and rescue and wildlife monitoring. update Hudson, Scott Everett.

Application-specific protocol architectures for wireless networks

PhD Thesis: Design process for application-specific languages: a language for water resources policy specification. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, VOL. 1, NO. 4, OCTOBER An Application-Specific Protocol Architecture for Wireless Microsensor Networks.

Application-specific protocol architectures for wireless networks phd thesis
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Application specific protocol architectures for wireless networks thesis