Mandatory voting

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Compulsory voting

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Compulsory Voting

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Jan 24,  · Mandatory voting Australian wrote an Opinion piece this week that said that democracies should adopt compulsory, or mandatory, voting by all citizens. (In Australia, people are required by law to enroll at 18 years old and are fined if they fail to vote.) Why?

His argument is that only 37 percent of eligible Britons voted to leave the European Union. With Australia's compulsory voting system comes additional flexibility for the voter — elections are held on Saturdays, absent voters can vote in any state polling place, and voters in remote areas can vote before an election (at pre-poll voting centers) or via mail.

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Mid This article has been rated as Mid-importance on the. Jan 19,  · But all that misses the point because it overlooks that compulsory voting changes more than the number of voters: It changes who runs for office and the policy proposals they support.

Jan 19,  · But all that misses the point because it overlooks that compulsory voting changes more than the number of voters: It changes who runs for office and the policy proposals they support.

In a compulsory election, it does not pay to energize your base to the exclusion of all other voters. What is compulsory voting? Most democratic governments consider participating in national elections a right of citizenship. Some consider that participation at elections is also a citizen's civic responsibility.

Mandatory voting
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