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2016, Nicolas Mora’s PhD Thesis

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List of doctoral programs from EPFL. General EPFL navigation. Navigate by profile You are; Navigate by school By school; About EPFL. EPFL thesis format In January a new standard was introduced for the EPFL doctoral thesis.

Although the final format is x mm, doctoral candidates should provide an A4 format PDF for the final printing of the thesis. Stefanos Giannakis, EPFL PhD Thesis (, in progress), Advanced Oxidation Processes: critical issues in organic and microbiological pollutants elimination Stefanos Papoutsakis, EPFL PhD Thesis,“Enhancing the photo-Fenton treatment of contaminated water by use of ultrasound and iron-complexing agents”.

college application essay pay a good Phd Thesis Epfl dissertation thesis on education iasonos 5.

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PhD Student PhD Project; Dan Assouline: Geo-dependent energy supply in relation to urban format: Marta Benedetti: Integration of Non-Image-Forming effect of light in venetian blinds and electric lighting control.

Thesis Directors: Prof. Colin Jones et Prof. A. M.

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dos Santos Pascoal Doctoral program in Robotics, Control and Intelligent Systems within the IST_EPFL Joint Initiative.

Phd thesis epfl
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