Speed writing average formula

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Writing To A Range Using VBA

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Shorthand and Speedwriting – What’s the Difference?

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A faster way to accomplish the task is to put the value in an array, and then transfer the array to the worksheet. An average person can write longhand at a rate of between 25 and 45 words per minute.

Some people are slow writers and some are quick. By learning a system of speedwriting you will see how to use shortcuts for words to enable you to write more quickly. The force of wind equals the air density times the area times the wind speed (velocity) squared. Write the formula as F=(unit area)(air density)(wind speed squared).

The air density will change based on altitude and/or temperature. All units agree, whether metric, English or System International. The following is the formal mathematical formula for the arithmetic mean (a fancy name for the average).

A = average (or arithmetic mean) n = the number of terms (e.g., the number of items or numbers being averaged) x 1 = the value of each individual item in the list of numbers being averaged.

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Speed writing average formula
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