Write a free email to santa

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Personalized Santa Letters Brighten the Christmas Holiday. Writing letters to Santa is a time honored tradition that will continue to carry on generation after generation for many more generations to come. Write a letter to Santa, send Santa an email, or if a Santa chat is easiest, contact him online.

Santa Claus @

Find his contact information on this page. Happy holidays, everyone!

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These letters truly remove doubt in so many children each year who might be wondering if there really is a Santa Claus. The experience and memories of a good Santa Letter can last a lifetime, for both the children and the parents.

Some kids choose to email Santa but he’s a traditional Old Elf and still loves handwritten letters from good kids like you!

If you’re a parent looking for a way to make your kid’s Christmas extra special, download these free printable Letters From Santa and just fill. Make Christmas magical with a personalized letter from Santa Claus from the original “Letter From Santa” company, with letters sent to overhappy kids!

All letters will be postmarked from North Pole, Alaska, personalized with: Your child’s name; Best friend’s name (optional).

Write a letter to or directly message Santa and Santa himself Receive A Letter or Video Message From Santa Claus This Christmaswill write you back directly from his office. You'll receive a personalised letter from Santa that will charm your loved ones.

Write a free email to santa
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Send A Free Letter To Santa Claus And Receive A Letter From Santa!