Zeke storms whistleblower

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Mendocino County Today: Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018

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The Data Is Right: Climate Change Is Still Real

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(Outlast -Whistleblower-: Eddie Gluskin x OC).

Climate Science Glossary

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You can read more about the study in Carbon Brief’s article. Global sea surface temperatures from the old NOAA record (ERSSTv3b), the new NOAA record (ERSSTv4), and instrumentally homogenous records from buoys and satellites.

Despite a controversy sparked this week after a whistleblower alleged that a NOAA report on climate change was fudged, most in the scientific community, including the whistleblower, stand.

there is now a large percentage of americans, particularly young americans, who view mr. snowden has some keends of a whistleblower when we know that he betrayed his oath of office.

there's a young generation that believes he is some kind of jason bourne and there has got to be more transparency.

>> 47 past the hour. time now for the must-read. 'Perfect Storm' ship to be sunk next week, barring storms Ben Carson gets stuck in elevator on Miami housing tour Thailand bars online contact with monarchy critics.

Zeke storms whistleblower
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